Where is my pot of gold?

potofgoldSomeone asked me how do I create my characters; where do I get my inspiration.  From what I read and hear, a lot of people struggle with creativity.  I, too, have also been blocked a number of times but I developed a few strategies to keep the imagination going.  Using them will help you unstuck yourself, each time you seem to be out of brain power.

1. The 300 rule.

If you write a story, make sure to write 300 words each day. Sunny day, rain, snow, it doesn’t matter. Your job is to write 300 words each and every damn day. There will be days when those words will become not 300, but 3000 and there will be days when you will struggle like hell just to write 300, because you won’t “feel like it”. Regardless of what kind of day you’re having, always program your mind to write those 300 words. You will thank me later.

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Another monster lurks in the closet

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In a previous post I talked about what’s next regarding Bloodlust Funfair. I’m mostly marketing it, which is a huge subject, but what about writing? Do I plan on just marketing my first book or do I intend to write something else. Without further ado I want to say that I wish to write a novel. Even more than that, I already finished writing the first volume. I wrote it before Bloodlust Funfair, but even though it’s written, it is not polished. I have to read it to check for plot holes and spelling errors. I do not intend to reveal a lot of info right now, all that I want to say is that it’s a new “thing” for me. It not only is my first ever novel but it’s story is told through its characters. You will see what I’m talking about when the time comes.

It is a fantasy novel and it appeared because of me being sick of the way some authors present their story using a lot of boring description, so I thought I should make things interesting and let the characters tell the story. Did I do a good job? Read More…

Bloodlust Funfair – end of the free promotion period. What lies ahead?

ZiFuture Today was the last day when you could get my book for free. Even though, time wise, the past 5 days weren’t much, I learned a lot from them. Giving things away for free, to spread the word and raise awareness isn’t such a bad idea. With the help of Twitter and their damn Follow button, I managed to give away ~250 copies of my e-book (243 to be exact) in just 5 days. I can safely say that I am pleased with the outcome, being my first book and all. I am also using this book as a reference for my upcoming ones. I want to test and see what marketing strategies work and how do they work. Even though telling the world about what you created isn’t easy, I find it quite fascinating honestly. I even got in short conversations with other authors to see how do they design their characters and story line.  Read More…

Bloodlust Funfair – breaking the 100 downloads barrier

aimAs I sit in my bed and drinking my coffee, I think to myself about the last 2-3 days that have passed. I launched Bloodlust Funfair on the 24th of September and so far it has been downloaded more than 100 times. To be honest, it will soon reach 200. Is it a good thing? Is it a bad thing? The hell if I know. I’m not trying to make much of it. Being my first published book, I do not know what to expect. All I know is that it’s an awesome book (muhahaha!!!) that has to reach as many people as possible.

The biggest help was/is Twitter. In the past days I pressed so many Follow buttons, I think I lost 7 lbs. Read More…

Bloodlust Funfair is out

BloodlustFunfair My first story is out. Bloodlust Funfair can now be bought from Amazon. To be honest, I am quite excited because it’s my first published ebook. I sat one Thursday and thought to myself how displeased I am with the image that vampires have in the present. I grew up with Dracula, Van Helsing…heck, even Buffy, if you remember her. However, in the past few years something happened. Read More…